All people have periods in their life where they feel
dissatisfied, frustrated, isolated, anxious and depressed. Most people try to resolve these struggles and hardships by themselves, in their relationships and with their families.
When these attempts have not worked, it is usually at this point they seek professional help.
Counselling & Therapy can offer you choices you may not have thought of before. A few sessions can make a huge difference for people.

Private Clinic
Couples & Family Specialists
No Referrals required - ATAPS Referrals accepted
Our highly trained and experienced Clinical Psychotherapists offer
Clinical Supervision
Online Self Help Packages
Individuals of all Ages - Couples & Families - Groups - Teams
Prompt Confidential Appointments

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Shamana Reed
Clinical Supervision for a range of professionals
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Paula Owen
Consultations for Individuals and Couples
Online Packages
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Rosita Inghamn
Consultation for Individuals and Couples
Online Packages
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Barbara Rose
Referrals under ATAPS
Groups and Online Packages
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Stay tuned to our new online services coming soon.
Services will include a range of Self Help Packages you can access online covering:
Postnatal Depression

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